Attic Space Conversion into New Room Addition

Attic Space Conversion into New Room Addition 2015-02-04T13:03:37+00:00

Attic Room Conversion La JollaConverting empty attic space into an additional practical room can be a very cost effective thing to do. This option to extend the home in this manner is increasing in popularity in areas where space to expand is a concern such as La Jolla, CA and other areas of San Diego County. It is well-suited to families looking to remain in their homes instead of selling to buy another.

The current economic climate is making it increasingly difficult to afford the cost of moving into a new home so adding onto your existing home is a great option to explore. An attic conversion can add value to your property, cleverly re-investing your hard-earned money.

HK Construction can offer you expert advice from many years of experience in the field and this will be coupled with best trade practices. Our contractors are well informed and able to make sure that you are guided towards making ? choice that will fall within your budget and closely match and/or enhance the look and appearance of your existing home.

They will be on hand throughout the process to answer questions and to supply you with the confidence you require throughout the project with regards to:

  • timescales of the work,
  • project costs,
  • possible pitfalls and limitations,
  • making sure you have a good experience during construction
  • and helping you realize the upside of your finished attic room conversion.

The end result will be an incredible new, fun and unique living space that adds value to your home in both money and usefulness. Call today for more details and information about your ideas on an attic addition for your home.