Adding a Second Story to Your Home

Adding a Second Story to Your Home 2014-07-07T09:54:02+00:00

There are many remodeling projects that can improve your living space but few bring as many benefits as building a second story on your home. While it can be enjoyable to live in a single story home, building vertically by adding a second story offers an effective way to better manage your living space.

The biggest benefit homeowners experience by adding a second story is the extra space. The square footage of your home can be effectively doubled and you can enjoy more space without having to move. Many people love their homes but would also like something bigger. A second story addition solves that dilemma. By building upward you also avoid building overtop of the existing backyard and this provides you with the extra space you want without taking anything away. This is ideal for many single story homeowners as the lack of current space makes the garden or backyard much more appealing.

Second story additions can also be designed any way you want. People typically move into a house that had already been built and complete interior renovations can be costly. HK Remodel provide homeowners with an experienced contractor who will discuss any needs and wants they might have in regards to a second story and apply them during the construction process. This allows homeowners a chance to enjoy a more comfortable and specific area of the house, which has been tailored exactly to their specifications. Changes to the first floor will also be less expensive as the construction process will also affect the existing frame of to house. For example high ceilings, new ventilation, and different wiring can be added without much effort.

One problem that arises when people decide they want a second story addition is choosing the right contractor. Finding a moderately priced contractor is the most important factor when having any construction or remodeling done to your home.

Some people make the mistake of choosing a contractor who is cheap or inexpensive but this ends up costing more in the long run. Simple mistakes made by an inexperienced contractor who is more focused on getting paid than completing the project for you can turn the second story addition renovation into a nightmare years down the road. It’s also important not to choose someone too expensive because at a certain price you are simply paying for overinflated labor costs and material values.

The best way to find a great contractor is by doing diligent research. Looking at reviews online and speaking to different contracting companies will provide you with the best options. HK Remodel is interested in helping you make the most informed decision about a contractor that is a good fit for you and your needs. As a local company that strives to work with neighboring communities in the San Diego area, HK Remodel does not compete on price but rather on the value we provide our clients. Anyone can throw around numbers and make empty promises to seem like the real deal, but HK Remodel puts effort into keeping their clients fully informed and aware of any decisions being made throughout the entire construction process.

With glowing written and video references, it should come as no surprise that HK Remodel is one of the best skilled, experienced, most honest and trustworthy general contracting companies in the San Diego area and should therefore be highly considered as the company you would choose to build your second story addition.