Adding bedrooms with a room addition contractor in San Diego, CA.

Adding Bedrooms to Home vs. Moving

In order to meet the growing demands of your family adding bedrooms to your home could be a good idea. A growing family usually needs more bedrooms. If you still like your home but find it too small, then investing in your current home is a great idea. Remodeling your home by adding bedrooms is most likely a better value than moving to a different home. Because your new home might or might not have more rooms and all the desirable features you want. You need to consider the costs of remodeling your current home versus selling/shopping/buying/moving into a new home.

Adding Bedrooms vs. Remodeling

For context, home remodeling in this article is not about simple things home owners can do by themselves. Things such as adding new drapes, paint or furniture. We’re talking about major home remodeling changes. Remodeling that people would need a contractor for. Such as:

  • Adding bedrooms / new construction
  • Altering the position of doorways, or adding new ones
  • Changing the sizes of the windows or convert them to big seated bay windows
  • Convert your existing window into a sliding glass door
  • Adding shelves, cabinets or book cases that are wall build-ins.
  • Replace flooring in your bedroom
  • Building walk in closets

If you want to do some of the items in the list above then you’ll need a remodeling contractor. Understand that each remodeling project needs a lot of planning and firm decisions. Therefore finding the best contractor for you is of very important.

Including Your Personal Touch

Bedroom Makeover Poway CA HK Construction

Your bedroom is an important part of your home and it should be remodeled in such a way that it gives a clear expression of your personality. And it must be able to give you all the comforts and conveniences you want. Adding one wrong element in your bedroom at the wrong place can completely ruin the entire feel of your bedroom. So, proceed with caution. And take the help, advice, knowledge, and professionalism of a good bedroom remodeling contractor to bring that magic personal touch to your bedroom.

Blending with Modern Style

Also learn about latest trends, styles, materials and the new technologies available in completing your remodeling project so you’ll have a clear vision of what you want. For this you can go online and collect as much information as possible or look around and collect the necessary information offline. This will help you visualize the look and feel of your new bedroom addition. Or if bedroom remodeling, how much it is going to change after the remodeling.

Once you do this you will be able to have a clear vision in mind for you to convey to your room addition contractor. This will save you a lot of time and money. And in the process help him with adding bedrooms just the way you want them.

Bedroom Addition Contractor

While there are plenty more reasons why homeowners might want to add a new bedroom to their property there’s always one thing in common: The need for a trained professional bedroom addition contractor. You’ll want to choose a trusted remodeling contractor who is very experienced in adding bedrooms. One who has a good reputation and has all the equipment and personnel needed. Because you want the job done properly with as little hassle as possible to you and your family.


New Bedroom Addition Under Construction

New Room Addition Under Construction

Choosing the Best San Diego Contractor for You

Look for a general contractor that you feel is well equipped to do the entire job for you from start to finish. And do so in a timely manner. He needs to have all the right training, experience, workers, office staff, licensing, insurance and tools of the trade.

Going a step further, make sure your contractor has strong business acumen; meaning that he has the ability to make good judgments and quick decisions that benefit you, the customer. One who is honest and hard working. One that cares about building his business as much as he cares about adding bedrooms; building your bedroom addition to your satisfaction. A contractor with awards, good reviews and customer testimonials.

About Us

If you live in San Diego or North County and are searching for a general contractor to add a bedroom to your home, then consider HK Construction as your ideal contractor. Because we can turn your dream bedroom into a reality. We began in the business of constructing and remodeling in the early 1990’s. And we draw on that long experience to provide the highest possible level of professionalism.

You can entrust your bedroom addition construction project to us. Due to our vast experience and know-how, we’ll give you a bedroom that perfectly captures the feel of your home, and use your ideas in the best possible way. And we will handle everything for you. We’ll ensure that your new bedroom fits seamlessly with your home. So that means we’ll take care of all the codes and permits too. And then afterwards, a final walk through to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Customer Review:

“We wanted to thank you for doing such a wonderful job on our house. Because we love the addition and are enjoying all the extra space! It has been a pleasure working with all of you from the demolition stage to the final touches. We will be certain to pass your name on to anyone who is thinking of remodeling their house. We truly appreciate all that you’ve done for us!” – Kurt and Lynn Hibbrandt

As one of the most popular construction companies in San Diego for adding bedrooms, we made a name for ourselves as the best choice for home remodeling. Since we always observe the highest standards of professionalism, we also go the extra mile to ensure your project is a success. We’ll build on your ideas to make your bedroom look the best it can be. With a high degree of professional knowledge about the latest trends in home construction, our contractors can turn your ideas into a solid reality.

We’re very easy to work with and upfront about everything, including all the steps involved in a home remodeling project. After meeting with us you’ll have all the facts about adding bedrooms that you need. So you’ll have clear information for making some big decisions. Such as:

  • Whether you want to move into a larger home, or
  • make your current home bigger with room additions,
  • and/or making better use of available space.

Please feel free to use any of the methods on this page to contact us regarding adding bedrooms, home remodeling, or new construction needs. Ask about getting a free home remodel consultation.

Beginning Your Home Remodel Process

Our years of experience in the construction and remodeling industry have led us to understand the unique needs of each and every one of our clients. So we know how stressful a remodel can be. Which is why we take care to cause as little disturbance to your everyday life during the whole process- even during heavy construction work.

Before getting to work, we take the time to talk things through with you to understand just what you’re looking for and what your expectations are. For example, do you want a downstairs bedroom addition or an upstairs loft addition? This helps us to focus on even the smallest of details during the execution of the project. We’re well versed in all the necessary paperwork and legal proceedings needed to carry out a home remodeling bedroom addition. And so will take care of everything for you.

You can expect your bedroom addition project completion on-time and within budget. We guarantee you a great price and absolute best overall value for your bedroom addition!


Call HK Construction and speak to one of our customer service reps about your wants and needs. If you wish we’ll send a home remodeling consultant over to your home at no charge to speak with you in person. After we go over everything you are envisioning we’ll quote you a price. No commitments at this point, just information for you to consider.

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