2nd Story Additions over Garages

Over the years we have found that one way to add space at your existing residence is to put an addition over your existing garage.  This type of addition lessens the impact on your family during Over-Garage-Remodel-Conversion-HK-Construction-2the construction phase. 

Along with that, most times your plumbing, water, heating and cooling systems are located or are easily accessible in the existing garage. This allows you to add not only living space like bedrooms or game rooms, but to add additional bathrooms or laundry rooms to the upstairs living quarters.

Coastal homes enjoy the view of the Pacific Ocean.  Inland homes in the San Diego area who choose to add a 2nd story to their home often get to increase their range of view to include the ocean.  Garages offer a good option to build a second story upon when you work with an experienced contractor like HK Construction.

Our knowledge  and experience of building construction allows us to work with the integrity of your home and safely remove old roof and wall systems to create the necessary foundation to build the new addition upon.    There are many options for the types of rooms you can add on. For those who will be able to enjoy the view of the ocean or simply want to be out doors to watch the sunset, you can even enjoy such upstairs amenities as a second story sealed deck with covered trellis system, skylights to enjoy natural lighting during the day and the stars at night.

Contact HK Construction today to go over options that will allow for the perfect second story garage addition to your home.

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