Room Additions: Raising the Roof on your House to Add more Rooms

Adding Second Story Room Addition

Adding a vertical second-story addition to a single-story home is an efficient approach to managing your needs of increasing your living space.

You can potentially double the square footage of your home (based on home design) and acquire more space without relocating. Most people are content with their homes but want more space, and that’s what makes second story additions so popular. A vertical development won’t loom over the existing backyard. As such, you’ll have extra space without loosing valuable yard space.

You can design second story additions any way you please. Most people tend to move into a pre-designed house, making overhauls of the home pricey. HK Remodel’s skilled contractors will address their desires and needs. Our team of architects and building planners will develop the addition based on the homeowner’s concepts.

Once construction is completed, homeowners will have the chance to enjoy a specific section of their home more comfortably since it has been customized to their specifications. Modifications to the main floor will also be more affordable since the renovation process will also impact the current frame of the house. For instance, new ventilation, high ceilings, and different wiring can be supplemented.

Hiring the Best Contractor for the Job

When homeowners show interest in building a second story addition, they need to choose the right contractor for the job. Obtaining a competitively-priced contractor is the most vital factor when having renovations or construction performed on your house.

Several people mistakenly select an inexpensive or a contractor with the lowest bid which is usually the worst option because it ends up ultimately costing them more money in the long run. An inexperienced contractor may be more concerned with being paid than finishing the project on time and correctly.

The lowest bidding contractors can afford to offer low prices because they short cut work, go too fast, use inexperienced “day labor” and othe install sub-quality components and low grade materials. This can result in future household problems. You should also be weary of overpriced contractors too, as they might be rip-off artists looking to make a quick buck at your expense.

Always check references and reviews prior to hiring a contractor!

HK Construction & Remodel is a local San Diego contractor based in Poway, CA. We focus on offering value for our clients instead of competing on prices. HK Remodel concentrates on keeping clients completely abreast of any choices made throughout the whole renovation process. We are frequently not the lowest bidder, nor are we the highest in price either. We do however strive to provide the highest quality service using the best materials available for a fair price.

With highly-praised testimonials on video and in writing, it goes without saying that HK Remodel is one of the most experienced, skilled, trustworthy, and honest general contractors in the San Diego area. We are worth considering if you’re looking to develop a second story on your home. Call us today for a free pre-construction consultation and price quote. 858-748-6580



Aging in Place

aging-in-placeHome remodeling has taken on a new perspective for home owners over the age of 45. 

More San Diegans are turning to remodeling their home to accommodate not only their immediate family lifestyle which can include raising children, entertaining family and friends, working at home, but also now can encompass the possibility of taking care of elder parents.

The concept of aging in place and universal design are hot words in the design and remodeling world. What this means is remodeling and designing a home that will accommodate the special needs that come up as we get older and have a desire to stay in our home longer instead of the possibility of moving into a retirement community.

Aging in place remodeling can include changes to a home  which enables for easier access to and from rooms,  enlarging hallways and doorways, converting bathrooms to allow for use of wheel chairs, walkers and specialty medical equipment.

Some homeowners are now choosing to remodel and update their home with modifications such as:

  • Wall mounted sinks
  • Raised toilets (taller toilets)
  • Sunken showers with zero thresholds
  • Bench seats and grab bars in the showers
  • Adding a hand held adjustable shower valves
  • Roll out drawers that fully extend in kitchen cabinets for easier access
  • Raised dishwashers
  • Lowered cabinets and sink areas

HK Construction  utilizes space planning and universal design for safely, and cost effectively transitioning the layout and use of a home so the family inside can transition just as easily as they age. 

The experience and skill sets HK Construction has developed over the years with loft installations, room additions, second story additions, room conversions and new home construction lays a solid foundation for making changes to homes that want a more universal design for aging in place.

If you have need for aging in place remodeling such as: removing existing dividing walls, enlarging openings, redesigning existing space, installation of new wall systems and even redesigning closets HK Construction has the specialists who can work with you from start to finish.

Contact HK Construction today to set up  time for an evaluation of your home for aging in place.







Wine Storage Room Additions

Wine Room Custom in Progress HKC 7-28-11Wine storage room additions and home remodels are taking on a new spin for HK Construction and San Diego home owners looking to enhance their home and lifestyles.

The Southern California lifestyle is often depicted with sunsets by the beach, around a cozy fire and sipping award winning wines from favorite vineyards.

One of the options that HK Construction offers in unique home remodel ideas and experience is in converting existing bedrooms, living rooms or family rooms into a space designed for recreation and entertainment complete with a custom wine room and tasting area.

Custom Room Remodel into Wine Storage HKC 2011 v3Empty-nesters and wine connoisseurs love the idea of having an area to relax in of good f in year round for the  enjoyment of good friends, good food and great wine.

Remodeling and converting rooms into wine storage rooms includes details such as:

  • Custom Woodworking and Cabinetry
  • Custom Wine Rack Systems
  • Custom Cooling
  • Custom Refrigeration
  • Custom Lighting & Tile Work
  • Glass Wall Systems

HK Construction is a San Diego General Contractor that has experience in this type of home remodel. Talk to HK Construction about how you too can either convert an existing room into a wine storage area or add one onto your home.  Email or call for a consultation.