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HK Construction in the News

Aging in Place is Risky for Elderly Unless You Prepare in Advance
July 29, 2017 – The challenges posed to elderly loved ones living at home may be daunting. But HK Construction proposes ways seniors can easily maintain their independence, stay safe and prevent accidents at the same time.

New Styles of Sunroom Additions Booming says San Diego General Contractor
June 27, 2017 – Do you want to transform your scorching exposed patio into a safe haven of comfort and relaxation? Then rest assured that the HK Construction design and construction professionals will craft a way for you to enjoy the outdoors while still enjoying the comforts of being indoors.

San Diego Homeowners Remodeling Vaulted Ceilings into Lofts to Reclaim More Open Spaces
Apr 22, 2017 – Press Release ( – Poway, CA – Remodeling vaulted ceilings into lofts for reclaiming more open spaces is trending popular among San Diego homeowners wanting to increase usable square footage in their homes without increasing the footprint.

San Diego Bathroom Remodel Contractor Shows Kindness toward Victims
After one bad contractor burns a San Diego woman on her bathroom remodel a good contractor comes to her rescue and saves the day.

Three Easy Steps to Hassle-Free Business Office Remodeling
Feb 28, 2017 — WebNewsWire — HK Construction, Inc., a leading Poway, CA family owned and operated construction company, has issued a three-step proactive plan, designed to help business owners effectively sidestep the headaches that could arise from the remodeling and/or expansion office business project without the proper steps being taken.

Home Office Renovation Trending in San Diego Home Remodeling
Jan 20, 2017 — All Daily News — Working from home may not be the latest trend of the working professionals, but it is certainly the most progressive. And of course, designing and creating the right working space in the home is perhaps the first sensible step in determining success or failure, claims Marc Gieselmann, San Diego’s leading home remodeling  and home office renovation contractor, the man in charge of HK Construction.

Is your San Diego home’s plumbing making you sick?
DECEMBER 23, 2016 — WORLD NEWS WIRE — New video explains dangerous plumbing materials and which one is best suited for San Diego home remodeling. HK Construction pulls back the veil to expose the truth about how your water pipes may be affecting your health.

Selecting the Best Bathroom Vanity Just Got Easier
NOVEMBER 26, 2016 – San Diego contractor shared online a 10-point guide showing the Top 10 things homeowners ought to consider when selecting a new bathroom vanity during a bathroom remodeling project.

Concrete Patio Contractor HK Construction Tells How A Patio Remodel Can Increase Property Value
San Diego, CA — (SBWIRE) — 07/07/2016 — HK Construction, a concrete patio contractor based in Poway CA, has issued an advisory informing homeowners about how a new or remodeled patio can help them significantly increase the personal and monetary value of their home.

Trending: Home Bar Room Additions Adding Fun and Value to San Diego Homes
San Diego, CA — (SBWIRE) — 05/26/2016 — To meet today’s expanding leisure needs, one San Diego, CA home builder is recommending homeowners add or convert an existing space into a specialized home bar room.

San Diego Outdoor Kitchen Construction Surging in Spring
20, April 2016: HK Construction enumerates the virtues of establishing an outdoor kitchen, and what’s needed to set up one. Known for its versatile outdoor kitchen designs, HK Construction, since 1997, has established a strong reputation in the greater San Diego area for their excellence in outdoor kitchen designs.

Problems with Unscrupulous Roofers Plaguing Unsuspecting San Diego Home Owners
December 03, 2015 – By getting favorable answers to the probing questions as provided by HK Construction, one can go from unwary of bad roofers lurking in the shadows to shining a light on which roofer is best for your roofing repair or new roof construction project.

HK Construction San Diego Best Contractor for Game Room Addition
SAN DIEGO – Oct. 1, 2015 – PRLog — Their A+ rating with BBB and their 5 Star rating on Yelp bear witness of their adherence to excellence in customer service. Customers rave about their work in writing and some even on video.

HK Construction Honors Elderly, Remodeling Homes for Aging in Place
Press – June 23, 2015 – San Diego, CA. – There are a lot of home construction companies around San Diego, CA, but none takes better care of the building and remodeling needs of the elderly, handicapped, and persons with limited mobility than HK Construction does.

Vaulted Ceilings into Lofts, HK Construction Adding Square feet for Homeowners
PR – June 13, 2015 – Poway, CA. – Marc Gieselmann, owner of HK Construction, recognizes the need of many homeowners to add additional square footage to their homes and has developed a system of utilizing vaulted ceilings in the process.

HK Construction Celebrating 25 Years in Business
Press Release – Jan 11, 2015SAN DIEGO – January 2015 marks the 25th anniversary in business for HK Construction and Remodel, a new construction and home remodeling company based in Poway, CA. serving all of San Diego County.

HK Remodel Focus on Details in Bathroom Remodeling
Press Release — Oct. 09, 2014SAN DIEGO – Due to careful attention to their clients, they make sure that they do the job the client wants offering a quick response construction service that’s guaranteed to take the headache out of the client’s home remodeling project.

No Sour Grapes for this Custom Wine Storage Contractor in San Diego
Press Release — Apr. 29, 2014SAN DIEGO — If you are looking to remodel your home to include a custom wine storage room, HK Construction can help you with the variety of choices involved in the design.

Kids Need Own Room to Play says Experts
San Diego, CA (PR Sync) 3/29/14 — Child development experts claim that kids need their own space just as much as teens and adults do. In response to such needs, HK Construction offers loft playroom as perfect solution.

Poway Room Addition Contractor Getting Rave Reviews
Poway, CA (Press Release) 1/10/14 — HK Construction and Remodel, a Poway based room additions home remodel contractor is once again gaining wide appeal on YouTube concerning their services and top quality workmanship. Best customer service seems to be a buzz word for HK Construction.  See customer review videos on YouTube.

Tips for Women on Finding Best Home Renovation Contractors in Scripps Ranch
San Diego, CA — (SBWIRE) — 10/24/2013 — Consumer Protection Agencies claim that the home improvement sector is one of the most frequent areas where fraud and consumer dissatisfaction are high. The reason being homeowners are not too sure about the work that contractors do, so customers need to be extra cautious about whom they hire.

HK Construction – Best Concrete Contractors in Poway
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – September 20, 2013 – Poway, CA. – Lately, HK Construction has been earning a lot of fame through another one of their leading services – Concrete Driveway Installation. Amongst the many concrete contractors in Poway which can be found in the San Diego, CA area, HK Construction stands out because of following three factors… (Read about Poway concrete contractors)

Scripps Ranch Remodel Contractors Advisory Gives Advice for Home Remodel
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – August 17, 2013 – Scripps Ranch – Remodeling your Scripps Ranch home can be an exciting and rewarding experience. Beyond everything you have to consider…  (Read about Scripps Ranch contractor advice)

Review of Home Construction Contractors Scripps Ranch HK Construction & Remodel
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE PRLog (Press Release) – Jul. 19, 2013 – SAN DIEGO – 19 July, 2013: Marc Gieselmann and his Scripps Poway based construction company HK Construction & Remodel have made a positive impression in the local home construction and remodeling industry… (Read more about Scripps Ranch contractor reviews)

Aging in Place Trend in Home Remodeling for Seniors Answer to Nursing Home Problems
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE BeforeItsNews (Press Release) – Feb 22, 2013 – It has become the trend today that more San Diegans are turning to remodeling their home to accommodate not only their immediate family lifestyle, which can range from retirement for older people to younger people raising children and integrating other new…..(Click Here To Read)

San Diegans Convert Lost Space into Living Space with Loft Remodel and Room Additions says HK Remodel
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE PRBuzz (Press Release) – Jan. 24, 2013 – According to the HK Construction source, the benefits of getting a room addition or even just a modification to one’s loft are simple. “You can add additional value to your home, which may total more than what you’ve spent on the renovation in the first place,” notes the spokesperson, who adds that a room addition may…..(Click Here To Read)

Expert Advice on Room Additions from HK Construction San Diego Remodeling Contractor
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE PressBox (Press Release) – Nov. 30, 2013 – There is one constant in life and that is change and sometimes our homes need to change with us. Families grow bigger or other needs crop up that require more space and that’s when one must consider whether it’s more feasible to leave their …..(Click Here To Read)

HK Construction Supports Charity Event for Military Families
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE PRBuzz (Press Release) – Oct. 26, 2012 – Favorite local construction company, HK Construction and Remodel, is co-sponsoring a charity event in conjunction with Vista Motorcycle repair shop and American Legion Post 365 in Vista, CA. The charity food drive and group motorcycle ride is for the benefit of military families in San Diego CA. The food drive is scheduled for this…..(Click Here To Read)

Kitchen Remodeling Great for Raising Home Value claims San Diego Remodel Contractor HK Construction
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE BeforeItsNews (Press Release) – Aug 9, 2012 – It is a well known fact among real estate professionals that kitchen remodeling can help to increase a home’s value. The possible increase in value will depend on a number of different factors. Those factors include…..(Click Here To Read)

San Diego Bathroom Remodeling Contractor offers Tips on Bathroom Remodeling
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE FreePRNow (Press Release) – July 21, 2012 – It is a known fact that bathroom remodeling projects can help to increase a home’s value. “The increase in value will depend on a number of different factors. Those factors include…..(Click Here To Read)

HK Construction Renovates Local Landmark Vista Motorcycle
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE PRLog (Press Release) – Jun 5, 2012 –Marc Gieselmann, the owner of HK Construction and a fellow motorcycle enthusiast, was personally on site for the office demolition. “It was great working on this job. I mean, these guys have been open since 1979…..(Click Here To Read)

Kitchen Remodel Contractor Offers Tips on San Diego Kitchen Remodeling
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE PRLog (Press Release) – Apr 11, 2012 – When considering using the services of a kitchen remodel contractor you may want to take the time to familiarize yourself with the most common signs that you need or could benefit from having your kitchen remodeled…..(Click Here To Read)

HK Construction is Top Remodeling Contractor for Elderly, Disabled and Special Needs Home Owners
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE PRLog (Press Release) – Mar 12, 2012 – HK Construction, which strives to enhance its client satisfaction with a production manager who oversees all aspects of the project, has skillfully combined dedicated services throughout the entire HK Construction team that helps to make it the remodeling company of choice in…..(Click Here To Read)