Loft Conversion 2nd Story Interior Room Addition

loft_conversionHK Construction has vast experience with over 150 interior 2nd story room additions – also known as loft conversions.

Many families that bought 2nd story homes with high ceilings over the living rooms and dining rooms have called upon HK Construction to put in new floor systems which transformed that open space into offices, game rooms, bedrooms with bathrooms and living spaces.

These changes have allowed people to transform their lifestyles and living space. These additions and changes to their home enabled them to stay in the home with out having to move. The home was able to be modified and accommodate the family in ways that were enjoyable and less expensive than a whole new move.

These additions are constructed for a cost between $125 & $150 per square foot with the majority being around $125 per square foot which is a lot less than your typical room addition.

With the complete knowledge of the construction of these 2nd story additions,  HK Construction has been able to perform the majority of these projects in a 5 to 6 week period of time instead of it being an open ended, long term project. The vast knowledge of different options allows HK Construction to design the space with clients directly to optimize each new existing space to its full potential.

If you have a home with an open floor plan and very high ceilings, call HK Construction today to talk with our team and determine if a 2nd story room addition or loft conversion is a good option for you and your home.


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