Decks and Patio Covers

Deck and Patio Addition HK Construction San DiegoDecks and patio covers come in all sorts of shapes and sizes.

Have you ever thought of adding a deck off your second story master bedroom or upstairs sitting space?  HK Construction can design a door system at the exterior wall and rework the structure to have access to your new fire resistant deck system.

With so many homes being built or are already built on hills and valleys the building and fire codes have been upgraded to prevent fires that come around hills and thru valleys from attacking your residence thru igniting a patio cover or deck system. 

HK Construction specializes in using structural lumber that is fire rated or dipped in fire retardant materials along with man made composite lumber that reduces the risk of this happening to you.  There are a variety of different products to choose from and we will work with you to provide the best possible solution for your individual situation.


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