Bedroom Additions: Choosing the Best San Diego Contractor for You

While there are plenty of reasons why homeowners might want to add a new bedroom to their property there’s always one thing in common: The need for a trained professional bedroom addition contractor. You’ll want to choose a trusted remodeling contractor who is very experienced in bedroom additions. One who has a good reputation and has all the equipment and personnel needed to get the job done properly with as little hassle as possible to you and your family.

Look for a general contractor that you feel is well equipped to do the entire job for you from start to finish, and do so in a timely manner. He needs to have all the right training, experience, workers, office staff, licensing, insurance and tools of the trade.

Going a step further, make sure your contractor has strong business acumen; meaning that he has the ability to make good judgments and quick decisions that benefit you, the customer. One who is honest and hard working. One that cares about building his business as much as he cares about building your bedroom addition. A contractor with good reviews and customer testimonials.

25 year Anniversary HK RemodelIf you live in San Diego or North County and are searching for a general contractor to add a bedroom to your home, then consider HK Construction as your ideal contractor to turn your dream bedroom into a reality. We’ve been in the business of constructing and remodeling buildings for many years now (since the early 1990’s), and we draw on that experience to provide the highest possible level of professionalism in every project.

Once you entrust your bedroom addition construction project to us, we will handle everything for you. We’ll ensure that the new bedroom fits in seamlessly with your existing property. Take care of codes and permits, all phases of construction and final walk through after the job is done to ensure your complete satisfaction. Due to our vast experience and know-how, we’ll give you a bedroom that perfectly captures the feel of your home, and use your ideas in the best possible way.

As one of the most popular construction companies in San Diego, we have made a name for ourselves as the best choice for home alterations and remodeling. We always observe the highest standards of professionalism, and go the extra mile to ensure your project is a success. We’ll build on your ideas to make your bedroom look the best it can be. With a high degree of professional knowledge about the latest trends in home construction, our contractors will be able to turn your ideas into a solid base for your bedroom addition project.

Remodeling Contractors HK Construction

Remodeling Contractors HK Construction

We have all the necessary personnel, equipment and materials needed to complete any type of home remodeling project you need. Our years of experience in the construction and remodeling industry have taught us to take care to understand the unique needs of each and every one of our clients. We know how stressful a remodel can be, which is why we take care to cause as little disturbance to your everyday life during the whole process- even during heavy construction work.

Before getting to work, we take the time to talk things through with you to understand just what you’re looking for and what your expectations are. This helps us to focus on even the smallest of details during the execution of the project. We’re well versed in all the necessary paperwork and legal proceedings needed to carry out a home remodeling bedroom addition, and will take care of everything for you.

As well established San Diego construction contractors, we have all the necessary skills, materials, tools and workers to complete your bedroom addition project on-time and within budget. We guarantee you a great price and absolute best overall value for your bedroom addition without sacrificing quality.  We are ready to use all our means to create your dream bedroom in no time at all, and take care of every aspect of the remodel. Maybe you’ll find us to be the perfect choice for bedroom additions and home remodeling for you and your family. Just get in touch today to find out more about how we can best serve you!

Internal Room Additions the Right Way

You may be faced with the task of adding internal rooms to your existing home due to a variety of reasons like growing families or change of needs. You have to accommodate the changes in your family by making your house accommodate all the needs of you and your family.

It is not always possible to move to another house when you find that your existing one is not able to match your growing needs. And with some homes adding more square footage is not an option either due to cost and budgeting, lack of yard space to expand into or perhaps dealing with an obstinate home owner’s association.

Making rooms additions to the inside your home is viable and a great economic option for expanding the usable square footage of your home without the higher expense of adding more square feet to the outside of you home.

What’s involved in an internal room addition?

The easiest way to add a room inside your home is to split one large room into two smaller rooms. This is done as simply as construction a wall between them. Then adding closets, cupboards, fixtures, etc. We also add electrical outlets to the new walls. We can add a bathroom into an existing bedroom for example. Or split a great room and make two bedrooms. We can convert unused attic space into a loft or enclosed room. We can add rooms inside your garage. The possibilities are nearly endless!

Before going for internal additions you must be very clear about the nature of the additions you want to make to your home, and how it is going to add to its utility value. For this you must select the right construction company who are having long standing in the construction industry and have particular experience in making internal room additions as this calls for great amount of creativity and impeccable workmanship to complete the room additions in the right manner.

You must understand that the room additions when done in the right manner will be able to boost the utility value of your home tremendously and at the same time if you fail to entrust the room additions work to an experienced contractor you may lose a lot of its utility and all the time and money you spent on the project will go waste.

The contractor you choose to do the internal room addition project must have:

  • Long standing in the construction industry
  • Must have highly experienced team of construction professionals backed by latest knowledge of the current technical advances in the field
  • Must have all the proper equipment and must have the right knowledge of the latest trends and materials available in the market
  • Must have special knowledge and experience in constructing internal room additions and must have completed many similar projects to the utmost satisfaction of the customers (good reviews)
  • Must have all the legal knowledge and must be able to apply for and get all the permits, licenses and registrations to complete your room addition project in a legal and hassle free manner
  • When you have decided to go for internal room addition in your home you will have a rough idea of the type of additions you want to make, the nature of alterations you need to do, and the look and feel of the new room after the project is completed.
  • Finally, your internal room additions contractor must be able to provide the right and the valuable inputs to you in developing your project as per the latest trends and design specifics.
  • In addition to creating the basic floor plan, lay out of equipment, the color scheme for the newly created room and furnishings for the same your contractor must be able to take care of flooring works, electrical circuitry and installation of the equipment and appliances, plumbing works and fixtures installation, ventilation and air-conditioning etc.

Since 1990, HK Construction is a popular choice among home owners and property managers for all types of construction work. Various examples of internal room additions include (but are not limited to):

  • Adding bedrooms
  • More bathrooms
  • Creating man caves and game rooms
  • Adding home bar rooms
  • Creating a game room from out of an existing room or built up space
  • Creating a practically useful room out of your empty attic space
  • Making functionally appropriate room additions for seniors and disabled
  • Converting a  vaulted ceiling into a loft area or remodeling an existing loft

Due to our extensive experience in room additions and home remodeling, along with all the glowing reviews from recent satisfied customers, we feel HK Construction is your best choice for all your internal room additions and home remodeling needs. We are available in and around San Diego and all of San Diego County. Great service in completing your room additions projects in a timely fashion and to your complete satisfaction is assured. Please call Marc Gieselmann on 858-748-6580 for a no- commitment, free consultation and price quote.

Below are some examples of our work, a wine tasting room under construction built into an existing family room.

Internal Room Addition

Internal Room Addition Wine Room

Internal Room Addition Wine Tasting Room

Man Cave Interior Design

Man Cave Interior DesignA man cave is the special place for the male in you, and you want to have the right interior design and all the things you need in that hideout as a game room or other place where you can get lost away from other common parts of your home.

If you already have a man cave or have man cave design ideas and want one to be built for you then we can help you set up the best man cave that satisfies all your expectations.

As a room inside your home where males of the house have their own place and do whatever you want without having to accommodate female sensibilities, your man cave must be built in such a way that it satisfies you in all the ways including the man cave décor and design of the game room with all the facilities and utilities in the ways you want.

You can build a man cave in a specially designed and equipped garage, loft or convert a spare bedroom in your home as your own man cave. You may also have a well equipped and specially designed media room or a den in a part of your home, and this can be easily accomplished during your home remodeling by entrusting the work to a construction company, such as HK Construction, that has special knowledge and experience in creating man caves and game rooms.

How to Give the Right Look And Feel to Your Man Cave

Man Cave Interior Design Idea: Loft Man Cave

Man Cave Interior Design Idea: Loft Man Cave

Planning for an awesome man cave is the right thing to do when you are undertaking your home remodeling, and this will be easy for you to have your own place in your house, with a little planning and knowing what you want and know how it will look and what are the things you want in it. The man cave space is the one that you can have your own say without having to compromise with anyone and hence it is going to be a reflection of your own self. Hence the basic man cave interior design, colors, equipment and other things you want to have in your man cave or game room must be selected in such a way that they express your creativity and manliness in all possible ways.

This is possible if you give your man cave ideas to your home remodeling company even before starting the work and it will help you get the best shape to your man only space with minimum expenses and maximum satisfaction. In the present days, we have numerous man cave design ideas that can add more to your man cave, and you can get your inspiration by going through the ideas you find easily online or through offline design literature available in the market. Your construction company with good experience can help you get what you want in your awesome man cave game room and will be able to give the right shape and design to your man cave home remodeling project.

Man Cave Home Remodeling Experts

We are man cave pioneers in the construction industry and have successfully completed many construction and home remodeling projects to the complete satisfaction of our esteemed customers. We have well experienced construction team with all the equipment needed to complete your man cave project in the way you want and with our experience in creating many man caves and game rooms it is possible for us to positively add more inputs to your ideas. This adds more to the design and selection of the right décor and utilities that will make a great man cave for you to enjoy your time in all the ways you want in your own room.

Inside Bar Room AdditionsWe take your inputs and design specifications you have in your mind before starting the home remodeling project, and understand your expectations well. This is the basic input we need to put in place the right construction specifications so that your man cave takes its shape and look in the right way from the beginning of the project. We are known for completion of the projects well within the time and budget we agree before the start of the project. This gives you the confidence that once we have taken over your ideas and started the project you can be sure of getting what you have asked for in your man cave.

We have a wide variety of design ideas for your game room and we assure you that your man cave space will be created based on your basic ideas with the addition of our own inputs that will further enhance the look and feel of the space we are building and designing for you. We use the latest in technology and the materials that are trending currently and due to this you can be sure of getting that contemporary look and feel with the right décor and design elements at the right places so that your man cave gets the soul and life and be the right place for you to relax and enjoy in your home for many years to come.

Due to all these we are your best choice for creating your man cave or that special game room and we can assure all success during your home remodeling in providing the level of satisfaction you want to have. Call us today to get started with a free consultation and cost projection for your new man cave home remodeling project.

Man Cave Ideas and Designs

The term “man cave” is a metaphor describing a room inside the house where guys can do as they please without fear of upsetting any female sensibility about home decor or design. A man cave ideas and designs are unlimited! They can be a specially equipped garage, spare bedroom, media room, den, or new room addition.

Certain common areas in homes which have been typically associated with male-oriented chores, such as garages and work sheds which have not been particularly welcoming spaces when shared with storage items and garbage. These areas are being fixed up to be more suitable as full-time living spaces, with more thought to design and planning. Garages have typically been a man space since they’re often lit by “harsh fluorescent bulbs” and lack heat or air conditioning (therefore most women tend to refrain from spending too much time in such areas) but nevertheless present a guy with a place to disappear for hours while never leaving the house.

While a wife may have substantial authority over a whole house in terms of design and decoration, she generally has little say about what gets mounted on the walls of a man’s personal space. Since it may be accepted that a woman has input on the decoration of the rest of the house, a guy has his own place where “a man can be a man” either by himself or while reveling with his friends in all his rowdy and robust glory. Thus it’s strong appeal to guys!

Man caves have multiple purposes: they are a place to be alone, to be away from women and from female sensibilities, to indulge in hobbies, and to hang out with male friends. It is, loosely, a male-only space to retreat to hold band practice, watch sports matches or play video games.

Man Cave Designs

The general architectural and design trend is for men to take traditionally male-only spaces, and enhance them with improvements and masculine aesthetic choices. Man caves can be equipped with accessories such as refrigerators, kegerators, vending machines, putting greens, Karaoke machines, a stage, musical equipment, stripper pole, giant TVs, special lighting, pool tables, boxing rings and over sized entertainment centers.

Man Cave Ideas and Designs

Man Cave Ideas and Designs

For example, the man cave interior design ideas in the above image is custom built ready to entertain with a home theater and pool table just a few steps from the wine cellar and bar. The term “cave” truly doesn’t do justice to this expansive and luxurious space. The large, open-concept mancave game room features a sunken screening area with eight leather theater-style seats, a billiard table and well-appointed bar with adjacent wine cellar. Warm, earthy colors and rustic touches like exposed beams and a richly stained beadboard ceiling give the room a decidedly masculine feel.

A man cave may also be fitted out with a bar and sports memorabilia such as trophies. The possibilities are endless! One man redecorated the space to look like a replica model of the bridge of the Starship Enterprise from the TV show Star Trek.

Upscale sports-themed furnishings are also available to outfit a man cave design. These rooms are also often decorated by the male, with little or no female influence. A big screen television is useful for watching sports games with buddies. Since it is an area set off from the rest of the house, it’s possible to make noise, or yell at the television, without fear of reprisals from a wife, girlfriend or mother.

Maybe you want to have a man cave yourself yet you are concerned if you can afford this dream project. You work hard. You give much. If you don’t do this now, when will you?

With over 26 years of experience (since the early 1990’s), Mark Gieselmann and his team at HK Construction can provide first class service to make your man cave dreams come true. Start your dream today by calling 858-748-6580 for a risk-free quote.

Deck Contractors and New Deck Construction

Deck Contractors - upstairs bedroom deck built by HK Construction

Upstairs bedroom deck add on built to match house by HK Construction

Do you need a deck for your backyard, 2nd story bedroom or side of house? If yes is your answer, you should know that decking has always been a great addition to home designs and architecture. If your outdoor space allows it, going for a deck is an investment with great return. You can entertain your guests, host parties and birthdays or enjoy the comfort of the outside in most of the seasons. Aside from these benefits, decks also create an elegant front door access or the perfect spot for a lazy morning under the sun.

Now, although there are thousands of DIY materials for constructing your own deck, the best choice has been and always will be professional deck contractors. Wondering why? Well first of all, deck construction is not something done overnight. Almost every house needs a custom deck construction project at some point- whether it’s for the backyard, second story bedroom or other area near the house. That being said, measuring, projecting and using the right materials is what expert deck contractors know best.

Secondly, hiring a professional deck contractor to construct your deck will assure you of proper installation and weather protection. This is very important because a deck should be ready to face all weather conditions and prevent moisture and heat from getting into the interiors of your house. This may not seem like something one can do alone, right?

Deck Construction for Backyards, Bedrooms and More

Deck Contractors and New Deck Construction

Deck contractors HK Construction new backyard deck

The most important thing when it comes to custom deck construction, however, is the purpose of the deck. This is why deck contractors are the best choice. After all, it boils down to your needs and how your backyard deck is going to serve you best. Do you need your deck for reading a book every morning? Or maybe entertaining a few guests over a cup of coffee every once in a while? Or as the perfect outside spot for your children or pets?

Whatever your needs are, custom deck construction done right by an experienced deck contractor is your best choice. Also, it is the choice that will make sure you don’t face any of the common problems with DIY deck building such as faulty constructions, inappropriate use of deck materials or misuse of deck facilities. Want to get a quote on custom deck construction? Contact us now!

Patio Construction and Remodeling Services

Patio Construction, Patio Remodeling and Deck Roof

Patio Construction, Patio Remodeling and Deck Roof

Did you know that you can increase your home’s value with a new or remodeled patio? Yes – adding a patio to your home, or remodeling your existing one guarantees a bigger price tag on your home. However, that’s not its main point.  A patio can be your best sanctuary and the place for the best family gatherings. You can enjoy the beautiful outdoors and give new life to your home once you consider the best patio construction services on the market.

Custom Patio Construction

At HK Construction, we pride ourselves on constructing and remodeling patios. Our team of experts will make sure to tailor every solution to your particular needs, and make sure you feel comfortable with anything you choose.

Simply put, we make it easy and hassle-free for you to create the best backyard retreat. Whatever your vision, lifestyle or need is, you will love our patio construction service and the enjoyment opportunities it will bring to your home. We have established HK Remodel based on trust and loyalty as our best values and the outstanding service is a consistent result just because of them.

Top quality workmanship is another one of the traits we are known for. Fully insured and highly qualified, our experienced technicians excel in creating outdoor patios, enclosed patios, patio roofs and other patio related services and structures. We can measure and give you a free patio construction consultation and price quote on your brand new patio.

The Best Patio Remodeling Ideas, Options And Styles At Affordable Prices

We are full of ideas and options for the look of your brand new patio, or newly remodeled patio. Our professional patio designers can work directly with you and help you fulfill your vision of the perfect patio for you. We are always happy to help you discover the best options and styles for your home space. Schedule an in person free patio remodeling or new patio construction consultation today! Call us at 858-748-6580.

Decks and Patio Covers

Deck and Patio Addition HK Construction San DiegoDecks and patio covers come in all sorts of shapes and sizes.

Have you ever thought of adding a deck off your second story master bedroom or upstairs sitting space?  HK Construction can design a door system at the exterior wall and rework the structure to have access to your new fire resistant deck system.

With so many homes being built or are already built on hills and valleys the building and fire codes have been upgraded to prevent fires that come around hills and thru valleys from attacking your residence thru igniting a patio cover or deck system. 

HK Construction specializes in using structural lumber that is fire rated or dipped in fire retardant materials along with man made composite lumber that reduces the risk of this happening to you.  There are a variety of different products to choose from and we will work with you to provide the best possible solution for your individual situation.


2nd Story Additions over Garages

Over the years we have found that one way to add space at your existing residence is to put an addition over your existing garage.  This type of addition lessens the impact on your family during Over-Garage-Remodel-Conversion-HK-Construction-2the construction phase. 

Along with that, most times your plumbing, water, heating and cooling systems are located or are easily accessible in the existing garage. This allows you to add not only living space like bedrooms or game rooms, but to add additional bathrooms or laundry rooms to the upstairs living quarters.

Coastal homes enjoy the view of the Pacific Ocean.  Inland homes in the San Diego area who choose to add a 2nd story to their home often get to increase their range of view to include the ocean.  Garages offer a good option to build a second story upon when you work with an experienced contractor like HK Construction.

Our knowledge  and experience of building construction allows us to work with the integrity of your home and safely remove old roof and wall systems to create the necessary foundation to build the new addition upon.    There are many options for the types of rooms you can add on. For those who will be able to enjoy the view of the ocean or simply want to be out doors to watch the sunset, you can even enjoy such upstairs amenities as a second story sealed deck with covered trellis system, skylights to enjoy natural lighting during the day and the stars at night.

Contact HK Construction today to go over options that will allow for the perfect second story garage addition to your home.

Special Needs Home Remodel Additions

Walk In Tub HK ConstructionHK Construction also works with our special needs clients in developing bathrooms that need more room for walkers or wheel chairs.

Ramp systems

Railing sytems

installation of special walk in tubs/tub systems

wider bathrooms- room conversions

hand rails

lowered sinks/counters

wheel chair accessible designs

pocket doors




HK Construction can redesign showers to step or roll into without steps or damns.

We can also widen areas and supply support systems in showers and around water closets to be more user friendly.


Special skills of contractor?


Additional types of additions or changes to your home we have experience in:

1. Widening of Halls to allow for easier access for wheelchairs and scooters


2. MORE Text goes here