She thought her bathroom remodel was going well until THIS happened…

bathroom remodel surpriseWas talking with a friend of a friend at a party the other night. She was telling me a horror story about a contractor she hired to remodel her bathroom. She didn’t know I’m a remodel contractor.

She went on about how shady all contractors are and how this guy was really “shifty” from the onset but hired him anyway. I asked her why she went with him. She said because he seemed to know what he was talking about and didn’t want to spend the extra time interviewing contractors. (Big mistake.) Just wanted to get on with the project and get it done. He said the remodel would take about three months. “Getting started” was over a year ago.

She gave him half the money down. He got started ripping the bathroom apart. Then he was gone. Three months went by with no contact. He was no where to be found. Would not return emails or phone calls. Then he shows up again and starts working with no explanation of where he’s been. Prison maybe? Who knows. He did about half the job. She says it is really lousy work. The floor tiles are installed crooked and lifting, the wiring is non-functional; overall it looks shabby. Then he disappeared again, but not before demanding more money to complete the job. Luckily she refused his demand.

So she brought in another contractor. He said everything needs to be torn out and started over. Said it looks like a kid was working on it. Everything is wrong. Nothing is done to code. No permits have been pulled from the city and there have been no required inspections at various points along the project.

She owns the home and has roommates. 3 bedroom, two bath. It was her master bathroom that was dismantled. For over a year she’d been sharing the common hall bath with her two other room mates. She says there’s tension in the house and her quality of life and her enjoyment of her home has dipped dramatically by this bathroom remodeling debacle. She’s lost room mates because of it too.

Now she’s wary of the new contractor because she thinks he’s cutting corners on materials and labor. She doesn’t trust anyone. She had locks installed on every door, room mate’s bedrooms, closets, and even a few cupboards because of theft and “mysteriously missing” items. Cash and other small valuables missing from her and her roommates. Things that were in drawers and closets, far away from the bathroom being remodeled.

She was very distraught over the entire situation. Not just the time and money she’s lost, but her trust in people and faith in humanity. All this distress and ill will from a seemingly simple bathroom remodeling project gone bad. So sad. And I’ve heard similar stories over the years.

I hate to see bad things happen to good people. It’s disgusting to me when one person treats another so badly, especially if he’s supposed to be a legitimate professional being paid for his service!

Finally the conversation turned toward me. She asked what I do. I told her I’m a home remodeling contractor. She turned red and said “Oh my gosh why didn’t you stop me from going on like that!” I told her I was not offended but would actually be happy to help her sort out her dilemma.

You see, it doesn’t have to be this way. A true professional should conduct himself accordingly, as a pro. As a respectable home remodeling construction advisor, as one trustworthy enough to be left alone in someone’s house and have the owner feel confident that their belongings are safe and sound.

A reliable contractor should show up when he says he will and do the job right to the best of his abilities. And in a timely fashion too! Get it done when it’s supposed to be done. Use high quality materials, have the right tools for the job, get all the required permits, etc.

So bottom line, if you want your bathroom remodel done right then do your research first. Find the best contractors you can and interview them. All of them. Don’t just hire the first one who shows up. Ask for referrals then take the time to call them. All of them. Check their online reviews too. Pick the one you feel can do the job the best. Don’t even worry about money at this point. Because with a GOOD contractor you get what you pay for. He may not be cheap, but he shouldn’t be overly expensive either. And you’ll find he saves you money by doing the job right the first time.

Think of all the time, money and hassle you can save in the long run by hiring the right contractor for a fair price before the job starts. Call me if you need anything. Ask me for referrals. Watch me show up on time and be professional. I’ll always be upfront and honest with you. Not ALL contractors are bad. I promise.

Marc Gieselmann, contractor
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Tenant Improvement and Commercial Renovation Service

Tenant Improvement Renovation

Tenant Improvement Renovation

Whether you are a business owner looking to make better use of your space for increased sales and productivity through tenant improvement, or a property manager wanting to rent a vacancy quicker for a higher rent, commercial renovation makes good sense.

What Are Commercial Tenant Improvements?

Tenant improvement construction is associated with taking an existing building and building out offices and meeting rooms.

Tenant improvements are changes made to the interior of a commercial or industrial property to accommodate the needs of a tenant such as floor coverings, ceilings, partitions, interior walls, storage, electrical, air conditioning, fire protection, and security.

Yet the diversity of business activities and technology can sometimes take the reality of tenant improvement and commercial renovation construction services to a much greater level

Top 3 Best Tips for Tenant Improvement

  1. Teamwork – One of the most crucial elements in commercial renovation is having the right project team for the job. The first step is to find the best qualified, reputable general contractor with experience in commercial renovation and business office remodeling.
  2. Strategy and Implementation – Drawing from extensive field experience, commercial renovation contractors can give valuable input on the project’s overall strategy and implementation. They also can validate the feasibility of early design concepts and perform project analysis before a design is finalized or renovation begins.
  3. Start it Right – Working with a team of professionals from the initial concept puts the responsibility of the project delivery with those resources as early on. Work flow, appearance, material identification and selection, durability, site conditions, permit standards, landlord standards, specialty equipment needs, support systems, utilities, working hours and security issues all contribute to the tenant improvement construction project.

It is the commercial renovation contractor who will complete the planning with budgets and timelines supporting the overall vision. Involving the contractor early on in the process will ensure accurate budgeting and maximize cost efficiency.

HK Construction Commercial Renovation and Tenant Improvement Services

25 year Anniversary HK RemodelOur goal is your complete satisfaction. We strive to provide the best possible service possible in the time frame allotted. The earlier HK Construction gets involved in the renovation process, the better service we can provide. The result is an effective process which saves time and money that leads to a successful commercial renovation tenant improvement project.

We work together with you and bring only the best, most skilled contractors to your project for creating the right type of space you need for your office space. All work is done to code, in a timely manner, with minimal intrusion and at very reasonable rates. Call us today for a free commercial renovation consultation and on site price quote.

Marc Gieselmann
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The Differences between Modern and Contemporary Kitchen Remodeling Styles

Even though people interchange the terms “contemporary” and “modern”, the two styles are actually quite different. Learn the different nuances between the two and discover which kitchen remodeling style works best for you.

Modern Kitchen:

Modern Kitchen Remodeling Design

Modern Kitchen Remodeling Design Idea

Modern kitchens follow strict guidelines.  When I think of modern kitchens, I think of cutting-edge designs and technology, and using the latest materials and trends. A modern kitchen tends to be more “futuristic”. While a contemporary kitchen shares the same hard edges as a modern style it is more free form and allows for some breaking of the rules. 

A purely modern kitchen could come with a fancy full-height back-splash made from concrete or marble, with a little ornamentation. There are many ways to do this but the most common in a modern kitchen is tile or brick. But some homeowners opt for a wood grain laminate. Again, we can consult you on the best options for you to choose from.

Cabinets and shelving that go all the way to the ceiling are good in a modern kitchen remodel, but color choices are crucial as well. Colors and materials run the gamut in a modern kitchen from white to black, and stone to wood. It all really depends on the rest of your home. It’s important that your modern kitchen blends and enhances your home rather than stick out like a modern sore thumb among nearby older style, outdated rooms.

With counter tops, it’s ideal to continue the modern style theme of clean and simple. Take advantage of current stone counter top trends and opt for a sleek, solid white or black counter top. Counter tops with lots of veining or natural details are beautiful in a large expansive kitchen but might feel overwhelming in a smaller kitchen. Solid colors tend to open the space up and carry the eye onward.

Contemporary Kitchen:

Contemporary Kitchen Remodeling Design Idea

Contemporary Kitchen Remodeling Design Idea

The term “contemporary” is ever-changing. There’s more freedom and more trends in the contemporary style. A contemporary kitchen may be modern, but it may also have different elements from different styles. A contemporary style is one that is basically in the now and follows current trends but is less rigid, more futuristic casual. This makes it different from the modern style, which is a specific design movement with a rigid interpretation about what does and does not belong in a modern design.

A contemporary kitchen is the very definition of sleek and minimalist. Contemporary kitchens characterized by their dark wood cabinetry; the white counter tops; and appliances made of cool and smooth stainless steel. The contemporary kitchen is all about function and, in some cases, even an artistic flair of an “upscale urban” style. Contemporary styles celebrate the bold and unexpected use of materials and colors. A contemporary kitchen is unadorned and uncluttered. People who are interested in clean and sleek are interested in contemporary kitchens.

The contemporary kitchen is clean, uncluttered, and simple. They are livable with a touch of the modern kitchen here and there. Contemporary kitchens borrow some things from the modern kitchen; such as streamlined surfaces and high functionality, but the style creates a sleek and livable feel by borrowing from other traditional ideas. To create a truly personal contemporary kitchen, you must choose resources that are a reflection of your lifestyle; from the materials, to the texture, colors, and design.

In a contemporary kitchen, the appliances are hidden, made to look like cabinets to give the kitchen less of a kitchen-y feel. The cabinets are flat-fronted, made of wood, steel, or lacquered. Counter tops are kept to a square edge, and made from metal or with lighted glass. Any light fixtures are artistic masterpieces, and there are minimal accessories.

While a purely modern kitchen could come with a full-height back-splash made from concrete or marble and with a little ornamentation, by comparison contemporary kitchens tend to have a lot of patterns. Glass tiles, along with mosaic, stone, and ceramic tiles, are favorites. A contemporary kitchen oozes charm and personality; giving homeowners a way to creatively express themselves with a range of materials. The back-splash offers a great place for this.

The island in a contemporary kitchen will often be a reflection of the cabinets and counter tops. Something to consider is giving one side of the island some pub-style seating, with stools made from metal such as chrome.

Treating a contemporary kitchen window provides a way to balance the hard edges of the kitchen with a soft approach. There are a range of different window treatments available to create versatility among treatment ideas for contemporary windows. Given that there are a near-infinite contemporary window treatments, how you approach the project will be determined by your budget, and the kind of window you have.

Anything from a small addition to a major change can give your kitchen a contemporary look. On the other hand, it takes a major renovation to create modern kitchen. “Contemporary” and “modern” kitchens are both comfortable, current, and functional. Which one is best depends on your own personal tastes. Get the kind of kitchen that matches your own style and needs, or the kitchen that really jumps at you when you first see it. Our kitchen remodeling design team can help guide you towards what may work best for you and your family. If you have any questions feel free to ask. We love to help!

Unmatched quality services in kitchen design and remodeling is what you can expect from HK Construction. Our team consists of highly experienced home and kitchen professionals possessing knowledge in the latest styles, designs, materials and current trends in San Diego. We can remodel your kitchen to fit the current style with the goal of adding more comfort and greater work space for cooking and entertaining.

Our skilled team will ensure your kitchen remodel project is completed in a timely manner and at an affordable price with a minimum amount of intrusion. Contact us today for a free no-obligation kitchen remodeling consultation and price quote.

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Business Remodeling: Adding Interior Walls & Offices

Need to expand your current business location or make better use of your square footage? Are you moving into a new commercial building that is just “okay” but not quite exactly what you need inside? Then consider calling HK Construction. We can build into your commercial building whatever you need.

Why struggle with a cluttered messy office?

Why struggle with a cluttered messy office?

If your business is rapidly out-growing your current location you might want to consider building in to make better use of your existing work space. If you are looking to move you already know that it can be difficult to find exactly what you want in commercial retail or office space. If you score on the perfect location and the rental price is right but not the features you want then we can help you with that.

With business office remodeling you can have the office or client meeting room of your dreams!

With business office remodeling you can have the office or client meeting room of your dreams!

Business Remodeling Services:

  • WallsHalf walls and dividers
  • Reception counter
  • Meeting room
  • Offices
  • Storage rooms
  • Loft with stairs
  • Project rooms
  • Break rooms
  • Bathrooms
  • Drop ceilings
  • Lighting
  • Electrical mods for heavy industrial use
  • Any other custom application, just ask!

When moving into a new commercial building, we often find ourselves with oversized rooms that would have been better if they were just split into two. In other cases we might like to change up the spaces we have to accommodate more rooms. This could be from the need to expand your space without moving to a new building. To accomplish this, you need a professional company that can skillfully partition your room to suite your needs. At HK Construction we have specialized commercial construction contractors who are very experienced in working with commercial properties.

Our efficient approaches to managing your working space will almost double your rooms’ size without relocating. Your customers’ perception of your business can be negatively affected if your office space or sales floor is cramped. It is a good investment to remodel your office and retail space to make it more attractive and customer friendly.

We provide unmatched quality services in commercial renovation work. Our team consists of highly experienced construction professionals possessing knowledge in latest materials, design specifics and trends in the market. We will remodel your office to fit th

e current style with the goal of enhancing sales volume, adding more comfort and enhancing worker productivity.

Our skilled team will ensure you project is completed in a timely manner and at a cost-effective price with a minimum amount of intrusion. In most cases your business can remain open while we are renovating.

Remember, a business remodeling project can make a huge difference in your sales volume and in the productivity level of your workers. Such changes could also add more daily enjoyment in business ownership.

Contact us today for a free no-obligation construction consultation and price quote.

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Room Additions: Raising the Roof on your House to Add more Rooms

Adding Second Story Room Addition

Adding a vertical second-story addition to a single-story home is an efficient approach to managing your needs of increasing your living space.

You can potentially double the square footage of your home (based on home design) and acquire more space without relocating. Most people are content with their homes but want more space, and that’s what makes second story additions so popular. A vertical development won’t loom over the existing backyard. As such, you’ll have extra space without loosing valuable yard space.

You can design second story additions any way you please. Most people tend to move into a pre-designed house, making overhauls of the home pricey. HK Remodel’s skilled contractors will address their desires and needs. Our team of architects and building planners will develop the addition based on the homeowner’s concepts.

Once construction is completed, homeowners will have the chance to enjoy a specific section of their home more comfortably since it has been customized to their specifications. Modifications to the main floor will also be more affordable since the renovation process will also impact the current frame of the house. For instance, new ventilation, high ceilings, and different wiring can be supplemented.

Hiring the Best Contractor for the Job

When homeowners show interest in building a second story addition, they need to choose the right contractor for the job. Obtaining a competitively-priced contractor is the most vital factor when having renovations or construction performed on your house.

Several people mistakenly select an inexpensive or a contractor with the lowest bid which is usually the worst option because it ends up ultimately costing them more money in the long run. An inexperienced contractor may be more concerned with being paid than finishing the project on time and correctly.

The lowest bidding contractors can afford to offer low prices because they short cut work, go too fast, use inexperienced “day labor” and othe install sub-quality components and low grade materials. This can result in future household problems. You should also be weary of overpriced contractors too, as they might be rip-off artists looking to make a quick buck at your expense.

Always check references and reviews prior to hiring a contractor!

HK Construction & Remodel is a local San Diego contractor based in Poway, CA. We focus on offering value for our clients instead of competing on prices. HK Remodel concentrates on keeping clients completely abreast of any choices made throughout the whole renovation process. We are frequently not the lowest bidder, nor are we the highest in price either. We do however strive to provide the highest quality service using the best materials available for a fair price.

With highly-praised testimonials on video and in writing, it goes without saying that HK Remodel is one of the most experienced, skilled, trustworthy, and honest general contractors in the San Diego area. We are worth considering if you’re looking to develop a second story on your home. Call us today for a free pre-construction consultation and price quote. 858-748-6580



Deck Contractors

New Deck Construction for Backyards, Pools, Upstairs Bedrooms, Front Porch and More

Deck Contractors ConstructionVirtually all houses need a custom deck building project at some point. It could be for the backyard, second story bedroom, swimming pool deck, or some other area close to the house.

Even though there are probably a lot of DIY materials to construct your own deck, the smart choice is hiring professional deck contractors. Want to know why? Ok, first to start with, deck construction is not a simple chore that can be done overnight, or even over one weekend if you are new to deck construction and have never tried to build a back yard deck before.

Secondly, when a hired professional does the construction of the deck for you, you will be assured that your deck is properly installed and done to building codes. This is of paramount importance! Is this something anyone can do alone? Maybe, but maybe not.

The most important thing when it comes to custom deck construction is how well the new deck services the purpose for which the deck was constructed. This is the reason deck contractors are the surest bet. After all, it comes down to your needs and how your backyard deck is going to give you the best and most enjoyable service.

Is the aim of your deck to have a cozy outdoor reading place every morning? Or would it be used to entertain a few guests over a cup of coffee once in a while? Or do you desire the deck to be used as the most fitting spot for your children or pets to play and/or relax?

Whatever your needs are, a custom deck design and deck construction properly done by an experienced deck contractor is your best choice. This choice will also guarantee that you do not face any of the common problems resulting from DIY deck building that includes faulty constructions, potential injuries during construction, inappropriate use of deck materials or misuse of deck facilities.

Want a quote on custom deck construction? Let us know your wants and needs, we’ll work up a custom quote just for you for free; no obligation. We just want the best for you! See what we can do for you. It’s worth a quick phone call. Call 858-748-6580.

Plumbing Choices to Consider in Home Remodeling

Remodeling a home means having choices and making decisions. So if you’re planning to remodel your kitchen, bathroom or add a new room, be prepared to spend an endless number of hours looking at options and making final selections.

Plumbing Pipe ChoicesWhen it comes to cabinets, faucets, light fixtures and floor coverings, there are a lot of choices. Such as different styles, colors, finishes, price ranges, etc. Even windows come in different shapes, sizes and energy efficiency ratings. Yet, when it comes to something as important as the plumbing, it seems ‘out of sight, out of mind’ is the norm. Most people don’t ask any questions about the plumbing. They also assume they don’t have any choices to make.

For many decades, metal (in the form of galvanized steel or copper) was the only material available. Look in the walls (or maybe garage walls for exposed pipes) of any un-remodeled home built before the 1960s and you’ll probably see all metallic pipes.

Leading choice of plumbing materials over the last few centuries have been the following:

  • Lead
  • Concrete
  • Cast iron
  • Steel
  • Galvanized steel
  • Aluminum
  • Copper

There’s nothing wrong with the classic choices of copper and galvanized steel. They work well and have their advantages. But know that today there is a host of other alternative materials, many of which are varying forms of plastic, now available to choose from. We like to help guide our home remodeling clients on the best choice to fit the right application.

PVC and CPVC Plastic Pipe

CPVC Water Plumbing PipePlastic pipe also known as PVC and an enhanced version called CPVS are rapidly gaining popularity. Why has plastic gained such popularity? Metal has demonstrated a number of pitfalls through the years that have been documented by numerous studies and lawsuits. Pinhole leaks and premature system failures, caused by metal’s natural tendency to pit, corrode and scale, have opened the door for more reliable, virtually maintenance-free systems.

Not that PVC is without its unique characteristics, advantages and pitfalls too. PVC has a lower external strength than metal. Meaning that is has lower a PSI rating and is more susceptible to damage by crushing or puncturing with tools.

What is CPVC?

You can think of CPVC as PVC’s cousin. PVC is most commonly found in sprinkler pipes and drainage systems. They are similar in many ways, but they shouldn’t be used interchangeably. Both are made of the same basic elements with one distinguishing factor. CPVC is altered by a free radical chlorination reaction that effectively increases the chlorine content of the material. CPVC is also a thermoplastic that is molded into many of the same products as PVC.

This difference in makeup allows CPVC to withstand a wider range of temperatures. This is why many building codes require the use of CPVC as opposed to PVC for use in hot water applications. The ASTM standard allows PVC to be used in applications not exceeding 140 degrees F.

Temperatures over this can cause softening of the material and weakening of joints.  CPVC on the other hand can handle temperatures up to 200 degrees F. There are certain advantages of CPVC (post-chlorinated polyvinyl chloride) plumbing systems and pipe fittings over metallic systems.

Top 4 Advantages of CPVC over Metal Pipes

  1. Primarily, they never pit, scale or corrode, which eliminates the risk of premature failures and costly re-piping, in addition to possible property damage.
  2. CPVC systems are also highly energy efficient with natural insulating properties that keep hot water hotter and cold water colder than metallic systems. In addition, condensation, which is a common problem with metallic pipes that can cause drip damage to walls and foundation, is virtually eliminated.
  3. PVC piping has gained high marks for its ability to maintain water quality. There is no leaching or metal contamination into the water supply, so there are no related health concerns. And without pitting or corrosion, CPVC systems are able to maintain full water carrying capacity throughout their entire life. If you’ve ever looked inside a piece of old copper pipe, you’ve probably seen a thick layer of hard minerals.  These minerals can dramatically reduce the diameter of the pipe, which reduces water flow and water pressure, and can inhibit the efficiency of many water-using appliances. Eventually, homeowners with corroded pipes must completely re-pipe their home at an average cost of $6,000.
  4. No more noisy pipes due to ‘water hammer’ when you abruptly shut off flow, such as a shower, sink or washing machine running through its fill and drain cycles. Through the years, many homeowners have come to accept water hammer in their homes, which is typical of metallic systems. CPVC systems, on the other hand, resist water hammer. They also minimize water flow noise, which has been proven by independent testing laboratories to be four times louder in copper pipes.


CPVC systems are most often used in new construction. They are compatible with other plumbing systems used in kitchen remodeling projects, the addition of bathrooms, or the replacement of a failed copper or galvanized steel system. Using CPVC pipe for home water pipes eliminates toxic metal contamination caused by using all other types of new metal pipes. Additionally CPVC eliminates the certainty of contamination in your drinking water that comes from metal pipe corrosion.

Call us today about your plumbing concerns and various choices of piping materials. We are happy to help guide you towards the best plumbing for you and your home taking into account usage, health concerns, cost, and overall plumbing system longevity.

Top 10 Checklist: How to Select the Best Bathroom Vanity for You

The bathroom vanity is more than just the sink-cabinet-mirror combination. It’s the showpiece of your bathroom. Here are the Top 10 things to consider when searching for the best bathroom vanity for you and your home.

1) Size Matters

Width is important. It has to fit the space available. Most people won’t miss that detail. However there is an equally important detail to consider: Height. Height is often a more important element of the vanity for daily use. Vanity height is not at all standard. Some are tall, some short and all others anywhere in between. Too shorts and you may end up having to bend down to wash your hands. Too tall and your kids might need step stools to reach. If you are tall family then consider mounting your vanity on a pedestal to raise it up. If kids are the main users then perhaps a shorter vanity is in order. Remember that the height of the sinks, mirrors and cabinets should be customized to their users, according to their actual size. Not that they have to be custom made, which of course they can be if that’s what you want. But for simplicity’s sake there are plenty of choices available to choose from in catalogs and big box stores.

2) Make Sure it Fits

Make sure your new vanity fits through the bathroom door! On more than one occasion we’ve had to disassemble a new vanity just to get it into the bathroom. Then reassemble it for installation. If it’s absolutely THE ONE then so be it, we can make it work for you but it will cost more in time and labor. If budget is a concern then make sure to double check the exact measurement before you buy a new vanity. Also be sure it fits the space allotted inside the bathroom. You don’t want to redesign things in the middle of installation. For instance, be careful to pick the right size sink to match your cabinet, especially if the cabinets are already built-in. Our bathroom remodeling consultant advises that many unexpected costs in installation can be avoided by taking the drafting stage seriously.

3) Get Your Plumbing Right

Coordinate the sink and vanity fixtures with the existing plumbing. Extending piping around the inside of walls is not a minor consideration and the cost could outweigh the convenience. Especially in an older home, where plumbing is always an expensive and tricky business and could even be a recipe for disaster. If you’re ready for a complicated and expensive remodel then know that anything thing is possible for the right price. But if you budget doesn’t allow it then maybe it’s better to try to finesse your exquisite taste around the plumbing that’s already there.

4) Choose Function over Appearance

Some cheaper vanities are built with the facade of doors and drawers but in reality they have none! It’s just for show. Personally I don’t like these. If it looks like it has cabinets and/or drawers then they should be real doors that work and real drawers that open! If you are going to effort and expense of replacing your bathroom sinks and cabinets, choose a vanity that has storage space, not just a plumbing camouflage. If you really don’t want cabinets, put in a pedestal sink or a wall hung sink. The general rule is don’t try to fake it. It could be embarrassing in the long run. Not to mention taking up valuable floor space without the hope of storage opportunities.

5) Door and Drawers

Because bathrooms require special attention to detail, don’t neglect the amount of space you need to open and close your vanity cabinet doors and drawers. Provide at least 30 inches in front of the sink for an average person to get down on the floor and into the cabinets or slide open drawers. Keep the toilet at least 18 inches away from the cabinet sides to accommodate door swing and give much needed elbow room. If the vanity is installed along a wall near the bathroom door, make sure the door swings away from the sink. A little planning with a tape measure and some thought avoids this nuisance and helps you enjoy trouble free use of your bathroom vanity cabinets.

6) Match Vanity Design to Floor Plan

There are only a few standard bathroom shapes. Each type accommodates different bathroom vanity styles. Corridor shaped bathrooms look best with smaller fixtures mounted all on one wall. The L-shaped bathroom is designed for a discreet place for the toilet with the roomiest area reserved for the bath and a larger vanity. The U-shaped bathroom is the most spacious and can fit extra large or customized fixtures in a choice of locations. There are also other sizes such as small rooms converted to extra large bathrooms. Such a space takes as much extra planning and design as the space needs. Large round or double kidney shaped counters look nice in large bathrooms but are definitely not appropriate for the corridor or L shaped plans.

7) Counter Tops

Maybe you want a stone counter over your vanity instead of a cheap laminate finish but you don’t have the extra money for stone. Look into faux finishing as an alternative. Or perhaps consider another Plan B choice of surface material that you like just as well that fits your budget. There is always a creative solution to most bathroom vanity design problems. Don’t settle for less. Ask around or Google images of bath vanity tops. Or better yet, ask us! We’re always happy to help.

8) Lighting

In general it is best not to use colored lighting in the bathroom. Think to enhance and soften. There are so many options available to give personality to your bathroom and the choices in style and material are endless. Choose carefully with an eye on ease of maintenance and upkeep. Keep in mind that the cheapest fixtures are often the most difficult to maintain. Go for quality here.

9) Mirrors

Match mirror size and design to the existing room size and decor and to the style of your new vanity. Consider framing in your mirror or going with a beveled edge. Those choices always give an upscale appearance without adding too much extra cost.

10) Budget Accordingly

A vanity is an expensive bathroom fixture. Expect to pay 600 dollars for a good quality cabinet, counter top, sink, and faucet. Remember to budget in the cost of installation as well. Allocate an appropriate amount of your bathroom remodeling budget into your vanity. It is the focal point of the bathroom and a cheap one will reflect the same. Even if you can’t afford anything else, a new vanity will spruce up an entire bathroom. Make sure to match it to any preexisting fixtures you decide to keep.

So there you have it. The Top 10 Bathroom Vanity checklist of success.  Following these helpful hints should help guide you towards a trouble free experience in selecting the right bathroom vanity for you.

Bedroom Remodeling – Give Your Master Bedroom A Fresh New Look

Master Bedroom Remodel San DiegoYou can easily transform your master bedroom into your dream room with a professional remodeling makeover to look modern in both appeal and function. The new fresh look not only will add value to your home but it can help you create a personal space you look forward to coming home every single day. Considering bedroom remodeling on your own may be a complicated project, but with HK construction by your side, you’ll have nothing to worry about.

Top 3 Benefits of Bedroom Remodeling

  1. Adding Additional Space – With the assistance of HK Construction you can easily add more space to your bedroom by adding closets, built in shelves and entertainment centers.
  2. Preparing the Space for Aging – One of the most common reasons for bedroom remodeling includes preparing the space to accommodate aging residents.
  3. Return on Investment – You probably want to remodel your bedroom to meet your current needs.  A master bedroom with a new look not only looks good but it can give your ROI between 40-80%.

There are various other reasons why people decide to remodel their bedrooms. There are people who face a change in their life, there are people who are tired of the current color scheme and there are people who simply want to add more space. Regardless of your reason, selecting professional bedroom remodeling services is definitely the first thing you need to do.

Introduction to HK Construction

HK Construction has the competence and knowledge that you need to give your master bedroom an updated look. Not only we have years of experience in integrating foundations and existing structures with complementary additions but we cater to your specific needs and give you exactly what you are looking for. We are specialized in room additions and new construction. We are happy do small projects or tackle big complex projects too. All work is done to code, on time and within budget. Call us today for a free no-obligation consultation.

Adding Bedrooms to Current Home vs. Moving

Bedroom Additions HK Remodel San DiegoIn order to meet the growing demands of your family making alterations to your home could be a good idea. A growing family usually needs more bedrooms. If you still like your home but find it too small, investing in your current home by remodeling and adding bedrooms is most likely a better value than moving to a different home that might or might not have more rooms and all the desirable features you want. You need to consider the costs of remodeling your current home versus selling/shopping/buying/moving into a new home.

For context, home remodeling in this article is not about simple stuff a home owner can do himself like adding new drapes, paint or furniture. We’re talking about major home remodeling changes. Remodeling that people would need a contractor for. Such as:

  • Bedroom additions / new construction
  • Adding new windows
  • Adding or altering the position of doorways
  • Changing the sizes of the windows or convert them to big seated bay windows
  • Convert your existing window into a sliding glass door
  • Add built in shelves, cabinets or book cases
  • Replace flooring in your bedroom
  • Add walk in closets

If you want to do some of the items in the list above then you’ll need a remodeling contractor. Understand that each remodeling project you want to do to your home needs lot of planning and firm decisions. Therefore finding the best contractor for you is of paramount importance.

Your bedroom is an important part of your home and it should be remodeled in such a way that it gives a clear expression of your personality and must be able to give all the comforts and conveniences. Adding one wrong element in your bedroom at the wrong place can completely ruin the entire feel of your bedroom. So, proceed with caution and take the help, advice, knowledge and professionalism of a good bedroom remodeling contractor and bring that magic personal touch to your bedroom.

Before starting the process of your bedroom remodeling you have to do your homework and collect more information about San Diego contractors so you know what traits to look for in a reputable one.

Also learn about latest trends, styles, materials and the new technologies available in completing your remodeling project so you’ll have a clear vision of what you want. For this you can go online and collect as much information as possible or look around and collect the necessary information offline. This will help you visualize how the look and feel of your bedroom is going to change after the remodeling. Once you do this you will be able to have a clear vision in mind for you to convey to your remodeling contractor. This will save a lot of time and money and help him complete the project with best desired results.

Your bedroom is one of the places where you are spending nearly 1/3 of your life. So it must be soothing, pleasant and must give you peace of mind and body. Call HK Construction and speak to one of our customer service reps about your wants and needs. At your request we’ll send a home remodeling consultant over to your home at no charge to speak with you in person and see first hand what you want for your home. After we go over everything you have envisioned we quote you a price. No commitments at this point, just information for you to consider.

We’re very easy to work with and upfront about everything, including all the steps involved in a home remodeling project. After having met us, and armed with all the facts you need, you’ll be well informed to make a decision on whether you want to move into a larger home or make your current home bigger with room additions and/or making better use of available space.