About Us

Marc and HKC Family

Marc and his kids

HK Construction, Inc., founded by Marc Gieselmann, is family owned and operated since we began in 1990. We earn your trust by conducting our business in a simple forthright manner, by keeping our clients fully informed, and if problems arise, we handle them right away. Nothing means more to us than adding another happy client to our ever-growing list.

We do home remodeling, room additions, loft addition, new construction, aging in place, home renovation, business construction services, handicap and elder care additions, roofing, driveways, outdoor remodeling, decks and much more. No job too big or too small. We can handle it all. See our construction services page for more information.

Why Choose HK Construction as your San Diego General Contractor?

Honest, Affordable and Dependable

  • Honest: We do what we say we’ll do. Straight up truth. We don’t cut corners or lie to gain a job. Just not worth it in the end. Not for us or for you the customer.
  • Affordable: We’re in this for the long run. We work efficiently and buy materials in bulk to keep our costs low so we can pass those savings along to you. Not to say we’re cheap, but we are affordable. Also remember, when it comes to contractors you get what you pay for. If you select the lowest bid then you will probably receive the lowest quality materials and workmanship. We fix low cost contractor’s blunders all the time. Paying us to fix someone else’s bad labor (after you’ve already paid that someone who now won’t return your calls) adds to the overall cost you’re paying for the job. So by hiring us as the first contractor, and we get the job done right the first time, you save all the future headaches, costs and hassles.
  • Dependable: Goes back to honest. If we say we’ll be there at a certain time to perform a certain task, then we’ll be there and we’ll do it. You can count on it. That’s just good business.

Our Bids are Free of Charge

We recognize that sometimes trade sources urge you to get more than one bid when you are building or remodeling your home. As part of our best practice service we offer our bid free of charge. We also know that it is not unusual for these bids to have a range of estimated costs for your project. Some contractors do all the work themselves, some hire subcontractors, some have a crew that does the work. Some are big companies with a lot of overhead.  Some are small. Most have access to a wide range of products that can vary in cost. A consideration for you to communicate with your contractor on is the quality of  materials being represented in the bid. The type and value of these resources available to a contractor  at the time affects what kind of price is going to be put on a bid for a project. Your choice of a contractor will ultimately determine the success and enjoyment of your project.

When you are gathering your bids, be sure that you be sure you comparing “apples to apples” from the bids that you receive. Your choice in contractor should not just come down to price. There is a difference between price and cost. Only looking at the price tag, without being thorough in determining the quality of the raw materials that will be used, the reputation of the contractor, the years of experience the contractor has, and the ability to follow through on your project on time and on budget- should all be factors to consider.

Let’s Do This

HK Construction wants to help you feel confident in your decision on who you hire. When you are in the process of determining your choice of  a good, reputable, knowledgeable & experienced, service-oriented contractor, HK Construction is always happy to answer any questions you have. Call us today for a free on site bid and/or construction consultation. 858-748-6580.